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When it comes to the use of Aromatase Inhibitors (AI) during the post cycle therapy it is commonly to make our choice in favor of such AI as Arimidex (Anastrozole) or Femara (Letrozole). Aromasin (Exemestane), which has far better properties than any other drug of this category, is less popular since only 1 out of 6 steroid users will make it a part of their PCT. Why it is so? First of all, Aromasin was created after Arimidex, so the all attention was on this one already when it entered the world of steroids. Secondly, Aromasin is more expensive than Arimidex, meaning it less affordable by large people.

While you may think you are great with Arimidex along with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) or Clomid during your PCT, we will give reasons to rethink your opinion on this and see Aromasin in a more preferential light.

What is Aromasin?
Aromasin, like Arimidex (Anastrozole) or Femara (Letrozole), is an aromatase inhibitor agent and have the mission to stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Letrozole reduce the estrogen level up to 98%, while Arimidex is able to do it at a rate of 50 %. General opinion is that the lower is the estrogen level, the faster is recovered endogenous Testosterone and HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) during PCT. It may seem that having such powerful anti aromatization drug is all what you need and there are no reasons to look further for other replacements.

What you miss, is that you always need to have your estrogen level in normal limits for a good functionality of your body. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for immune system and your joints mobility. Also, through its activity in the liver it influences the level of “good” over “bad” cholesterol. Getting you aromatase enzymes suppressed at all is not good, you need something that help you keep your estrogen level in control. Taking Letrozole for long time would have namely this effect, as only 2% of estrogen will remain active in your body. As long as you are prone to develop gyno or prepare for a competition such approach will not be harmful for you as you do it for short time. But in a long run is quite risky to get rid of almost all estrogen amount in your body.

Arimidex is more recommended to use during your steroid cycle to keep your estrogen level under control but not suppress it at all. As we said, it reduces estrogen level at half, letting the body enough estrogen for normal function.

Aromasin use during PCTaromasin
The true necessity of Aromasin use occurs once you come off steroid usage. On this stage individuals choose between Nolvadex or Clomid and another aromatase inhibitor. Why you have to choose Nolvadex instead of Clomid? The main reason for this is that Clomid have to be taken in much higher dose to equal the same effect of Nolvadex used in much lower dosage. In other words, 150mgs of clomid equal 20mgs of Nolvadex. Why to take more if you can get the same effect with for less quantity? And also, less money.

In spite of its effectiveness for increasing testosterone level, Nolvadex has one drawback when mixing it with and AI- it reduces their blood plasma, hence making them less effective. Compare to Arimidex and Letrozole, Aromasin do not so since it is a steroid aromatization inhibitor so Nolvadex activity has no influence on it. Aside of this, Aromasin increases the testosterone level with 60%, speeding up the testosterone restoration.

Aromasin is not altered by Nolvadex, its effectiveness is high not only on lowering estrogen level, but on elevating testosterone too. From this main point, Aromasin is called the king of aromatization inhibitors drugs. Even it was overlooked by long time and it’s pricey, for surely it will get the deserved place in the steroid world.

What is the Aromasin proper dosage
In dosage of 20-25mgs/day Aromasin can block the estrogen enzymes at 65 % and increase the testosterone production substantially. Its use during PCT lasts 2 weeks, while Nolvadex are recommended to be taken for 4 weeks. The alone use of Aromasin is not recommended and it has always to be combined with a SERM like Nolvadex or Clomid.

As studies show, Aromasin prove to have a good influence on bone mineral content and lipid profile. The other non-steroidal aromatization inhibitor lack these traits. Adding to this the fact that it is not altered by Nolvadex when concurred with it it becomes clear why you have to make a room for it in your PCT schedule.

What happens when taking Aromasin in higher dosage?
The more you take, the greater is suppressed estrogen level and this, as we said above, is bad for your health. However, in short term, you can do it. If you prepare for a competition and want to get a ripped, dry look than you can take Aromasin in higher dosage but for no longer than 48 hours. Within this frame of time, estrogen level is very low and keeping it this another 24 hours can leads to serious health problems, beginning with your joints, immune system, cholesterol level and others.

The best would be to stuck to a dosage of 20-25 mgs per day and only in rare cases go over this limit and reach your goal. The more careful you are with it use, the higher chances to make Aromasin use very beneficial for your body and to keep unwanted side effects far away.

Can Aromasin be used during steroid cycle
Aromasin use is not limited to PCT only, it can be a part of your steroid cycle too. It outperform Arimidex with about 12 % when it comes to estrogen inhibition. And it will even cause an increase of testosterone level as well. But Aromasin is a steroidal drug, which mean it carry on androgenic effects too. That’s why the best will be to let ti for PCT time, when this trait would be even beneficial.

Over steroid cycle the use of Arimidex is more than enough as it will get rid of 50% of estrogen and have no androgenic or progestogenic side effects. Maybe you could even use it during PCT, if there are not Nolvadex with decrease its effectiveness. But since Nolvadex benefits your body in a high degree than Clomid, it’s wise to stop on it and mix it with Aromasin which, as we said, is not altered by it.

So, why run Aromasin with Nolvadex in PCT? Because it is the most effective and safe combination of an aromatization inhibitor agent and SERM drug.


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