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I am 22 years old 5'11 and weigh 180lb now, just finished my last dose of test on sunday. This has been my first cycle of AAS
I ran:
Test Cyp 500mg/ week for 10 weeks
Test EQ 400mg/ week for 10 weeks
HCG 600iu/ week weeks 2-10
adex 0.5mg every 3 days weeks 1-10
for PCT I was originally only going to run clomid 200mg day 1, 100mg day 2, and continue the 100mg dose every day for the next two weeks, then 75mg week 3 and 50mg week 4.
However lots of people have been suggesting running nolva along with the clomid, and I am wondering if while running both, I need to adjust the dose of the clomid as well as what dose to run the nolva at.
thanks for the input!


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