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Many call Dianabol , or D-bol , as the granddaddy of anabolic-androgenic steroids , and that's with a solid basis. This steroid has been developed in the 1950s and you think that several decades past, Dianabol must have been replaced by newer anabolic agents. The answer to that is a big NO. Stealth compounds and designer drugs cannot dislodge Dianabol from its top position on steroid rankings, and here's why.

Dianabol is oral methandrostenelone and it exerts it anabolic effects by increasing protein synthesis . When talking about protein synthesis, you'll hear terms like 'gene transcription', 'mRNA translation', and other scientific, but in this instance all you need to know about protein synthesis is that it involves proper utilization of protein so that muscle growth can occur. Proteins (specifically the amino acids), as you well know, are the building blocks of the body.

Steroids like Dianabol make sure that protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown, resulting to positive protein balance. It has been found out that training can have profound effect on muscle growth only if there is a positive protein balance. This means that no matter how effective your resistance training is you'd have difficult time achieving your plateau (or exceeding your plateau) with the absence of ideal protein metabolism.

Dianabol is not only for muscle hypertrophy, but also for strength gains. This property makes this compound attractive to athletes, especially those who are into sports requiring stamina. Dianabol induces power and stamina by improving glycogenolysis. Glycogenolysis is the breakdown of glycogen to glucose for energy utilization. When you train, your body's glycogen reserve gets depleted fast leading to fatigue and decreased endurance. Dianabol prevents this occurrence by readily replenishing glycogen reserve for increased work output and duration. The fact that Dianabol is capable of delivering both muscle mass and strength gains in a very short period is another advantage for this steroid.

The effective Dianabol dosage for men is 25-50 mg per day , preferably split up into four to five doses. The recommended cycle duration is up to 6 weeks only since this is a c-17 alpha-alkylated compound and this alteration can be stressful to the liver.

Dianabol is not advised to be used by women because it can cause virilization symptoms which include voice changes, hirsutism, and clitoral hypertrophy. Should they insist on using Dianabol, conservative doses and avoid long cycles should be strictly observed. For women, a 5mg intake of Dianabol can provide impressive muscle growth with minimal risks.

Dianabol exhibits estrogenic activity and although this drug exerts this effect at moderate level only, it is advised to have anti-estrogens like Nolvadex close at hand should estrogen-related symptoms occur. Gynecomastia may arise due to estrogen activity.

When getting Dianabol, make sure that you're getting it from trusted sources as many counterfeit versions of this steroid are being peddled on the street and on the Internet. Nowadays, legit versions of Dianabol originate from Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe and Asian regions. Anything not coming out from these areas, you should think twice before buying. 


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