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Cycle of steroids | Deca Cycles | Human Growth Hormone Cycle | Steroids Cycles

Among bodybuilders and many newbies who just came to the gym is often discussed idea of doing a cycle of steroids. Sometimes it is inspired by others sometimes you just think you reached your natural growth potential and just want to add  some gear to make it better.

Firstly let me say that if you can’t grow naturally at least 15-20 kgs in 1-2 years you DON’T NEED STEROIDS but need to analyze your diet and training routine as there is hidden secret to success in muscle building.

Cycle of steroids may be done only after you have enough experience and knowledge about natural training, foods, recuperation and different methods to increase intensity of your training thus results.

Now, if you have enough knowledge on what we talked about previously it’s time to do your homework on anabolic steroids because as everyone knows “knowledge is the power” so before taking any cycle of steroids read as much as possible on some trustful web resources (like this blog or forum).

Oral Cycle of Steroids

There are people who think its good to start with orals because they are afraid of pins so they start a steroid cycle consisting only of dianabol (also known as: naposim, anabol, methandienone). I must say that is a huge mistake. (!)

One of the most popular among beginners is oral steroid cycle consisting only of dianabol (known as dbol, naposim, gp methan). Many of these people say they are afraid of syringes and that is why they want to go with orals.

Firstly let me tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of syringes and if you can’t put an injection by yourself there is always someone who can help you.

And second thing I want to tell is that only oral dbol cycle will bring very temporary results. You will get a lot of water retention, strength some muscles but once cycle is finished you will lost 90% of everything. And it is worth mentioning here that dbol is not good to take over 6 weeks and over 40mg/day.

You will loose almost everything because you did not stack dianabol with something else like testosterone and here we go to second chapter.

Injectable Steroids Cycles

There are people who use only injectables in their cycles because they don’t want to hurt liver anyway with orals. Well, that is a good way to go and there are plenty of stack which will make you more than happy.

Most popular and recommended is Testosterone Stack for 12 weeks. It is best cycle for beginners and you can read in this article full description how it is used plus you have a graphical scheme which shows you in details how to do your first testosterone cycle.

Injectables + Orals Steroid Cycles

This option is one of the most popular and it brings best results because you stack many different compounds which works different way. And here we come to our stack of testosterone and dbol. This stack is also very good for beginners and bring very very good results in combination with hard hard training, 2,5gr of protein per 1kg of bodyweight and enough rest. Testosterone and dbol cycle article + diagram.

Additional products

In order to make it safe you will need to use such products like: Liv52, Essentiale or Milk Thistle, all of them are made to protect your liver. Use the one you have access to and take it before during and after cycle. On next cycle you can use another one. These products are especially important when you are run oral steroids like Dbol which are 17 alpha alkylated and affect your liver.

Be on the safe side.


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