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There was a lot of talk after the last X-men movie about the amazing shape Hugh Jackman was in.  Many questions arose, such as: was Hugh Jackman taking steroids?  Was a huge Hollywood star using anabolic steroids to look better for a movie?  The likely answer is, YES!  Of course Hugh Jackman was using anabolic steroids, and if you look below you can clearly see his pictures reflect some steroid use.  

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Likely, he used a combination of fast acting anabolic steroids during his shorter cycles.  In fact, we believe he only used  4 AAS to prepare for the movie X-men.  Trenbolone, Anavar, Clenbuterol and Winstrol.  A combination of steroids, a cycle, which would be effective for almost anyone, but especially someone who needs to shed fat and put on lean, hard muscle mass.  

Week Trenbolone Anavar Clenbuterol Winstrol
1 75mgs/day exemestane 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
2 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
3 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
4 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
5 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
6 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
7 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day
8 75mgs/day 40mgs/day 40mcg /day 50mgs/day

DISCLAIMER: This article is for entertainment purposes only! We do NOT believe Hugh Jackman used any performance enhancing drugs, rather this is an easy formula for one to look like Hugh Jackman.


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