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Brand Name: Nolvadex®

Tamoxifen is nolvadex online research used in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

Tamoxifen is a hormone therapy that belongs to a class of drugs called antiestrogens or selective estrogen receptor modulators. Estrogen is a naturally occurring hormone that sometimes plays a role in the growth of breast cancer cells. Some breast cancer cells contain a protein that attaches to this hormone during its reproduction process.

Breast cancer that relies on estrogen to grow is called “estrogen-receptor positive” or “hormone-sensitive.” Tamoxifen blocks the effects of estrogen on breast cancer cells, thereby stopping the growth of these cells in the body. This drug is effective only for breast cancers that are estrogen-receptor nolvadex positive. For women who are confirmed to be at high risk of developing breast cancer, tamoxifen may lower the chance of getting this disease.

Tamoxifen is given as a pill that is taken by mouth. Typically, the pill is taken once or twice daily. The exact dose and schedule depends on the type of breast cancer being treated and several other doctors. Your doctor will recommend a regimen tailored to your needs. The medicine should be swallowed with water, and can be taken with or without food.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Cancer Treatment Centers of America assumes no responsibility for how this material is used. Please check with a physician if you suspect you are ill. Also note that while Cancer Treatment Centers of America frequently updates its contents, medical information changes rapidly. Therefore, some information may be out of date.


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