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In their heyday, photobooths dotted the landscape in five and dime stores, bus stations, and amusement parks from coast to coast. These days, as big box stores take over from Woolworth's, and digital technology touches every aspect of daily life, old-style photographic process photobooths have been relegated to scrap heaps.

At the same time, their antique status and nostalgic appeal have made them attractive to people with a sense of history and an attachment to the fleeting, unique nature of the non-digital process.

Photobooths have made a modest comeback, finding safe haven in bars, restaurants, art galleries, and out-of-the-way amusement parks that haven't yet felt the digital pull.

As the digital revolution churns on and it becomes more difficult to maintain photochemical photobooths, the Photobooth Directory will catalog the appearance and disappearance of booths around the world. We will highlight the booths that remain going strong, keep tabs on the ones that move into private collections, and remember the ones that disappear altogether. We rely on the watchful eyes of our readers around the world to help keep us on top of the happy arrival of a photobooth in a new location or the lamented loss of a favorite machine.

Please find out how to contribute a new location, or send us an update on an existing booth.


We've recently re-designed our photobooth listings. If you'd like to search for a word in our listings -- "Chicago," "bar," or "beach" -- use the Search box. To find all photobooths in a given U.S. state or Canadian province (or country outside the U.S. and Canada), use the Browse box. If you'd like to see all our listings, just hit "Go" without selecting a state. If you're a visual person, and you'd like to see all of the photobooths we have listed arrayed on a map, check out our third option, the Map, and pan and zoom to your heart's content.

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