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A scholarship resume is a document that shows some of your accomplishments in life.

These accomplishments may include academic achievements, personal achievements, or extracurricular achievements. This is needed when applying for a scholarship or a college.

In the resume, you will just have to list your achievements in a descending order from the latest to the oldest achievement.

Your scholarship resume should contain personal information, objective, career goals, education, volunteer experience and talents. It may also contain languages, awards, references and work experience.

Zenny Grace M. Capalungan

B4103 Madison Street

Omaha, Nebraska68147

(401) 732-8102 or (054)454-1579


Cumulative Grade Point Average3.36

Class Rank1 out of 156

ACT Score28

National Math Foundation Engineering Summer Program for the year 2001

Cross Catholic Amazing American History Student for the year 2004

Principal Base Drummer, All-City Band during 2000 – 2002


Student Council: Member for 4 cumulative school years

Chairman of International Action Committee for the year 2001 – 2002

Volunteer at Marcus House for the years 1999 – 2002

Senior Class:President for the Senior Class of 2001

German Club:Presidentfor the year of 2001

Active member of the German Club for 3 years

Germany trip nolvadex price in malaysia samsung Chairman for the school year 2001 -2002

National Honor Society: Member for 3 years

Chess Club:Treasurer of the year 2001

Active Member for 2 years

Golf Team: Varsity Golf Team for 3 years

Homecoming Queen Candidate of the year 2001


Holy Youth Congregation member for 5 years

Habitat for Humankind

Youth Chief Counselor at Camp Redwood


Dave and Mark Architectural 2001- 2002(20 hours per week)


I plan to attend a four-year college and major in engineering this University. I have a strong interest in Electrical Engineering and plan on taking this course.

I plan to stay involved in quality activities to further improve my talents and skills. I am also wishing to be able to enter in this school’s scholarship program in order to make my dream of being an Electrical Engineer come true.


Scholarship Cover Letters


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