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I think we can name labs now if I'm not mistaken, just not sources. I was absent this summer and when I came back we had a whole section for ugl talk. I notice tren within 2-3 days and I feel like its fully kicked in by day 8 or 9. At about a week the sides peak for me and I can already see noticeable changes in my appearance. Acne is the only side that doesn't develop within the first few weeks. I usually see acne at about week 4, usually just white heads on my upper back. I agree with kp, 75mg Ed is too much for your first run. For me the sides from tren at 50mg Ed are relatively mild, 75mg ed was when I really started acting like a prick, 100mg+ Ed and I had to use small doses of Valium for anxiety, cant sleep for more than an hour or two at a time, and just feel extremely unhealthy all day. I've never had anxiety issues before tren and had my first panic attack in my life well taking it. I know guys that run a gram a week with almost no sides, they vary so much with tren. Don't take the stuff lightly, start low and be aware. Tren is 5x more powerful than test so technically running 350mg of tren a week is as anabolic and androgenic as 1750mg of test a week. Personally I would never run tren, at least not high nolvadex tren ace doses if I didn't compete, and I absolutely love the stuff. A lot of guys handle it fine but once again don't take it lightly. I know I really don't notice I'm being a cynical asshole all day but my dad can talk to me for 5 minutes and know I'm on tren.


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